New Shoe Brand

I was recently contacted by a company named InSoul Footwear that wanted to get the word out about a new line of footwear they are looking to release.

They refer to their shoes as a Dress Sneaker, and while I am no big fan of the slow drift the world is taking away from the classic concepts of dress/business footwear toward the more casual, I do understand the value and comfort of casual dress.

One of the things that I really liked about their footwear was the amount of style (and leather) they infused into the shoes to create a very interesting cool, casual almost rugged elegance type of footwear. Personally I would wear the brown low tops sockless with board shorts and linen Tommy Bahama camp shirt.

If you wear sneakers as part of your casual wear, I think these shoes would be a great way to bump up your style points.

Please help these guys make this project successful if you can so these shoes are available.

Below I have included an excerpt of their promotional text and images of the shoes:

Dress Sneakers by InSoul

So what do you get when you fuse athletic sneakers with beautifully hand crafted dress shoes?

Introducing DRESS SNEAKERS by InSoul Footwear.

InSoul is a brand that celebrates the evolution of shoes. The brand’s core is rooted in American sports styling but aspires to achieve the detailing of a rich dress brand. The toe shapes and silhouettes are kept understandable. They focus on all the right details. High quality materials including, hand oiled leathers, rich linings, classic waxed laces, antiqued eyelets and subtle logos are essential. Everything is purposefully chosen…all the way down to the stitching.


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Founder and creator, Sean OShea, has over 15yrs of design experience working for major brands such as Nike, Adidas, Converse, Ralph Lauren, Diesel and more. His vision of InSoul was born through personal evolution and experience in the professional fashion industry. He believed many people grew up wearing athletic sneakers, however as adults fell in love with the quality and craftsmanship only found in dress shoes. Sean’s idea was simple…he set out to bridge the gap between athletic sneakers and high quality dress shoes.

Now with final samples completed InSoul Footwear is challenged with raising the funds required to pre-pay for their initial round of production. To achieve this milestone they have launched “Dress Sneakers by InSoul” on Kickstarter:

You can help by “pledging” (pre-ordering) a pair for yourself or someone special in your life today. Other pledge options are available, please contribute and circulate.

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