When Bad things happen to Good shoes

As you might expect, I take very good care of my shoes, and I enjoy applying a good spit shine when I can.

Unfortunately, a spit shine can be easily damaged when the toe of a shoe comes in contact with another surface. I have had people accidently step on the toe of my shoe, bumped my toe against a curb, and (the act that caused the damage shown below) stopping a car door as it began to close.
Damaged Toe

I stopped the car door from closing on me by blocking it with the side of the toe of my shoe. This caused the hard shell of wax I created during the spit shine to separate on the side and crack in the middle. Of course I was concerned that the shoe itself was damaged.

Although it might look like the leather, or the leather finish, might be cracked it was actually just the wax that has fractured.

Upon closer inspection you can see that the cracks run diagonal to the grain of the leather:
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After removing the hard wax shell with some pure orange oil (RenoMat could also be used) I was able to eliminate the cracks and get down to the original leather finish.
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From here I can start all over with my shoe care process: Condition, Cream Polish, High Shine Paste. I could also use a different shade or color of polish to apply some antiquing effects.