Welcome to the Old Leather Shoe blog

My name is Glen Tippetts and I will be discussing all things related to men’s leather dress/business shoes in this blog.

I will blog about how to care for shoes, how to shop for shoes (men shop differently than women, as you already know), shoe terminology, which shoes to wear with what clothing, and many other things as they come up.

Please feel free to give feedback, or ask any questions you like related to the topic at hand.

The target of this blog is mostly men, but women are more than welcome to read and comment as well. If anything I blog about comes across as misogynistic it is not intended that way, but there are clearly differences between men and women when it comes to shoes (amoung other things of course).

If you are old enough to buy your own dress shoes you should be following this blog. A great deal of shoe knowledge I have gathered over 40+ years will be shared on this blog, hopefully some of it will be useful to others.

I am also very open to learning more every chance I get, so please feel free to point out any inaccuracies or omissions in my articles. I also look forward to any comments, questions, clarifications, or any constructive feedback that readers of this blog care to offer.

If you have any questions or comments that you would rather not ask through the blog Comments process, please feel free to contact me directly at glen@oldleathershoe.com